Still from film: Qooqu, 2017





Amalia Fonfara​ (Nanortalik, GL. 1985), is an artist and shamanic practitioner based in Trondheim since 2010. She holds a BA in Fine Art(2013) and a MA in Fine Art(2015), from Norwegian University of Science and Technology.


Fonfara has studied several different esoteric practices, including ritualistic and ceremonial work within shamanism and animistic practices, mediumship, and other contemplative healing practices. She holds a two-year counseling and therapeutic healing education from The Healing and Therapy School in Trondheim, Norway and a one-year intensive study in shamanic healing at Scandinavian Center of Shamanic Studies, Sweden.


In her work, she embarks on an ontological investigation of the crossings of inner and outer worlds through introspection and experimentation with both animistic traditions as in shamanism and other contemplative healing practices, where the essences of soul and materiality are entangled in a holistic comprehension of all life. Through her practice-based research the perception of reality, imagination and spirituality are closely connected through the senses and sensitivity of our bodies. Fonfara works in various media such as installations, performance, photo, text, sound, and film.


In 2018 Fonfara co-founded Qilaat (DK/GL), an association affiliated with the native drumming culture of Greenland. Fonfara is also a co-founder of Invisibledrum (NO) artist association, a platform that investigates the relationship and interconnections between technology, shamanism and animistic systems in a contemporary society.





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