Documentation of Embodied Experiences


Foto:Documentation of Embodied Experiences, 2014

Documentation of Embodied Experiences,

2014, performance /text/ installation


Documentation of Embodied Experiences is an ontological and phenomenological investigation of the mind, body and spirit space experienced in Energetic Healing. Participants were given one individual healing session performed by the artist, lasting for 30 minutes. After each session both healer and participant shared their individual experiences in a short text. The notes were translated to english and displayed alongside the originally handwritten notes and small drawings.

Project is ongoing.

Foto:Documentation of Embodied Experiences, 2014

Foto:Documentation of Embodied Experiences, 2014

Date: 6/5 2014 Subject (T)

Subject (T)´ Note

“in the beginning I got very aware of my mass, not necessarily the body with its boundaries, but the heaviness in it.

the hands left cold prints which remained a while, this must have changed (its temperature), because I only remembered it in the beginning. then it was like the hands unfolded me; got my hands and feet to move out, down; in this twitching-like, mechanical way; automatically. in the beginning it was hard for me to disconnect myself, the thoughts came more than they left, but when mother came and reached out her arms towards me – obviously this image would come to me, I had almost assumed that, but still it stunned me! – everything became quiet. and bright. in the exact moment we would meet in a hug, hands were put on my arms and it felt like it was then it began.

afterwards I remember everything much more unclear.

a physical hart burning in my chest. like a hot stone.

to become aware of a third rhythm. not the heartbeats, nor the breaths, but some kind of lightpulse.. yellow-green.

and I spinned around my own shoulder again. earlier it had happened backwards over the left shoulder, then I had always been completely exhausted afterwards. now it was more sporadic, not as consistent, but occasionally it went ahead anyway. it woke some kind of elation.

the last thing I remember; I see a big ferry on the high seas in the horizon. clam, light evening, possibly morning.

and then it is like I walk through a half transparent membrane, like a mounted plastic sheet, only more organic. I only got to wonder upon this before it was over. at first I felt incredibly long. long, light and compact without really being heavy.”

Date: 6/5 2014 Subject (T)

Healers Note

”Everything seemed relaxed, grasped and settled inside the body. It was light, bright and the time seemed to disappear fast.

sensitivity and ease, the feets were well grounded, legs felt solid and strong and the arms were more blurred. Wanted to hold the hands on the arms – to take care of. I wanted to hold her close to me – inside, hold all around the body.

Strong energy at the heart, everything ran through me, pulsed inside. The hands above the heart and I felt this strong energy. Happiness and joy, ecstatic joy, a respect and gratitude to meet a human being like this, so pure – so directly.

Heart and forehead. Sending light into the body. an energy between my body and hers, it flows freely. Everything disappeared and it was quiet and calm, my thoughts flowed without my witness. Hope I do not fill in myself into her energy(?)how can I ever divide between her experiences and mine?

Afterwards I have a lightly jitter in my throat and a feeling of “growing pain” behind my right scapular.”

Text: Translation of handwritten text, Documentation of Embodied Experiences, 2014

Foto:Documentation of Embodied Experiences, 2014

Foto:Documentation of Embodied Experiences, 2014

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