Qooqu - Lille fugl


Qooqu - Lille fugl, little bird

2017, short film


“Qooqu - little bird”, is a visual poetic journey to the author's childhood village Aappilattoq in Greenland, where she elucidates on the relationship between identity, culture and affiliation. We meet danish-greenlandic John Angajoq Nattoralissuaq, who portrays his practice as an angakkoq, rooted in a holistic and spiritual life view from the Greenlandic culture. Here life and death, along with the relationship between nature, human and animal is completely interconnected. A practice that at an increased rate is returning to Greenland, rooted in it´s own ontology.

Based on the author's own biographical background, she questions our relationship with a politically complex and paradoxical discussion about loss of identity, cultural heritage and human rights. A problem that may arise from the imperialist interests of colonialism, but which can also be seen in the light of the international geo-political situation that we currently find in Europe and elsewhere in the world.




Still fra video: Qooqu - Lille fugl, 2017



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