Qooqu - Lille fugl


Qooqu - Little Bird, 2017. Photo: Still fra video. Amalia Fonfara.

Qooqu - Lille fugl, little bird

2017, short film 14:23 min.


“Qooqu - little bird”, is a visual poetic journey to the author's childhood village Aappilattoq in Greenland, where she elucidates on the relationship between identity, culture and affiliation. We meet danish-greenlandic John Angajoq Nattoralissuaq, who portrays his practice as an angakkoq, rooted in a holistic and spiritual life view from the Greenlandic culture. Here life and death, along with the relationship between nature, human and animal is completely interconnected.

Based on the author's own biographical background, she questions our relationship with a politically complex  discussion on identity and cultural heritage. A problem that may arise in imperialist interests in early colonialism, but is can also be seen in the light of the international geo-political situation found in Europe.


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