Visual Artist and Shamanic Practitioner


"In a world where art has also become an academic industry I feel my responsibility as an artist is to insist on the importance of the intuitive, the esthetic, the feminine power of the Earth and the transcendent and spiritual in art. An integral part of my artistic practice is the work I do as a shamanic practitioner and healer. The space of our imagination is a threshold to an infinite space. It is a garden we need to take care of, tend and learn to grow from. It holds immense power and wisdom for us as well individually as on a global scale and in this interrelationship of our imagination and our physical reality, we need to become aware of the power and consequences of our imagination. Not in a symbolic sense but as something real, as something manifesting the reality we live. Transcending our knowledge of the ordinary, we can learn to open up a space of non-ordinarity from where we perceive existence and reality holistically. It help us to heal our colonized imagination and re-remember who we in our essence are. In this sense the means of “healing” do more than heal and close a wound. It causes us to open our mind, body and spirit to a higher sense of awareness, helping us to more fully connect with Life. Everything is connected and everything is alive”

-Amalia Fonfara 2016


Foto: Amalia Fonfara, 2014

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