In Ceremony with Nature

In Ceremony with Nature, September 2019

DATO: Lørdag d. 14. 10.00-18.00 og Sønsdag d. 15.  10.00-17.00, 

STED: Healingens Hus, Erling Skakkesgate 66, 7012 Trondheim.

In Ceremony with Nature, Septemeber 2019

This course will help you deepening your own practice and learning about the beautiful work of ceremony!

Ceremony is absolutely central to shamanism. One can say that our life is a ceremony right from the time we are born into the physical world and until we leave it again. Ceremonies have always been a way our ancestors long before us have connected with the cosmos, the physical and the invisible or transcendental reality.
When we work with ceremonies, we make a connection through ourselves to the Spirit world, of our ancestors and Spirit helpers.
Everything in the universe is vibration of energy and we all have the innate ability to be co-creators in the universe, and to manifest ideas, dreams and love here on Earth. Learning how we can work with ceremonies together with the Spirits is a powerful way to create and transform our physical world. It is a way we can learn to bring the sacred life into our daily lives.

Ceremonies are also beautiful and powerful ways to celebrate and honortransitions or changes in our lives. It can be in changes in the natural cycle and cosmic shifts that affect our everyday life, even though we live in a modern and technological world, it all still affect us.

On the course In Ceremony with Nature, we will both work with listining deeper to nature, to ourselves and the Spirits. We will learn how to create meaningful ceremonies for ourselves, each other, and other species in togetherness with Mother Earth. We will learn about which periods are good for us to create ceremonies and how we can follow the cycle of nature through ceremony, and thus learn to be more in balance.
We will both work with inside with drum journeys and outside with
nature-walks and ceremonies in nature. In this way, we will create a deeper understanding of wholeness through our sensed experiences both in the physical and invisible world. We will also work on how we in the community can create deep and powerful ceremonies to transform and heal blocked emotions and old thought patterns, that we carry with us.
We will share insights and experiences and in this way also learn from each other's wisdom and guidance from the Spirits.

If you would like to attend the course then register via mail: or send a message via facebook.

The course will be taught in English and Norwegian.

Saturday 14. September, 2019 at. 10.00-18.00
Sunday d.15. September,2019 at. 10.00-17.00
at Healingens Hus, Erling Skakkesgate 66, Trondheim, Norway.
Meet up approx. 15 minutes before we start.

When registering send an email to: or contact via facebook.

-Notesbook and pen.
-Rattel, and drum if you have (not required to attend the course.)
-Yoga mat / there are plenty of blankets at Healingens Hus.
- A cover for your eyes.
-A personal sacred object for the medicine wheel.
- A lunch pack for Saturday and Sunday (please dont eat a heavy meal during the course)

Tea, coffee and snack are free and served during the breaks.

Briefly about me:
My name is Amalia Fonfara, I was born and raised in Greenland and Denmark, and I have lived in Norway since 2010. I work as a visual artist, healer and shamanic practitioner in Trondheim.
Both as an artist and in my practice of healing and shamanism, I wish is to help us remembering the sacred connection we all have in ourselves to all of life. ♥ Everything is alive and all life is connected! ♥
More information about me here:

If you have any questions about the course, please contact me by mail, phone or facebook.
Looking forward to meeting you and working together in the circle of good energies ♥ :)