2024, interstallation with sound

Materials: Sealskin, thread, stone, sound loop 5 min.

The work consists of a sculpture made of 12 seal skins sewn together by hand and streched out so the stitches are visible on the outside. It is installed floating in the air, and walking into it, it folds around the viewer's body. A speaker is mounted inside the skin with voice and sound.

The work comes out of the artist's animistic practice and is a personal work of processing the divided colonial history, in which the artist has grown up and lives in between Danish and Greenlandic culture and history. The work speaks to reparative practices within the arts and how the artist herself work with ritual as a way of healing from personal and collective colonial trauma.

Installationsview at Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder, Trondheim, 2024 , Foto: Amalia Fonfara.