2,2 O

2,2 O - Sonic Architecture of the Inner Space

2017, Interactive real-time binaural sound installation

“How electrons experience the world: that is, dis/orienting experience of the dis/jointed of time and space, entanglements of here and there, now and then, that is, a ghostly sense of dis/continuity, a quantum dis/continuity, which is neither fully discontinues continuity or even fully continuous with discontinuity, and in any case, surely not one with itself. There is no overarching sense of tem- porality, of continuity, in place”

-Karen Barad

( 2,2 ) 0 - Sonic Architecture of the Inner Space is a mix of media installation. The central piece is an interactive spatial sound composition in a completely black space, accompanied by a two-channel film installation and a durational performance that takes place in a waiting room outside the sound composition.

(2,2) 0 is a proposal for a cinematic space where the visual external stimulus is removed. An interactive installation that utilizes real-time rendered binaural sound systems.

( 2,2 ) 0 is made from a collaborative process between artist Nazare Soares, sound artist Øystein Kjørstad Fjeldbo and artist and shamanic practitioner Amalia Fonfara. Taking the structure of a (2,2) mode shamanic drum as a reference we have built an invisible architecture that through wireless headphones is experienced sonically inside a completely dark space.

The sound architecture is structured around 4 rooms representing the cardinal directions East, North, South, West, and they are separated by an invisible "sound wall". Each room has specific sound qualities made from movements, and motions of sound events and sound objects. The aural experience is limited to one person at an unlimited given time. Thus the duration of the sound composition depends on visitors’ movements within time and space. The main methodology in the creative processes is developed through ritualistic ceremonies and gestures through collective meditation journey sessions with a shamanic drum.

On the right side of this page is a diagram and map that depicts the spatial sound composition. You can listen to the four different rooms by clicking on them. For best experience use headphones and close your eyes.

For more information about this project you can visit the platform www.invisibledrum.com -> Projects or go to ( 2,2 ) 0 teaser here on Vimeo!



Click on each room in the diagram to listen to the different sound qualiteis within (2,2) 0.

Waiting area into the sound installation space of (2,2) 0. Head with headphones, ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, 2017.

Waiting area into the sound installation space of (2,2) 0, notebook with visitors sound experiences, architectural map with sound diagram. ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, 2017.

Tracking of a visitor in the sound composition space. Insights and notes from visitors' experiences after visiting the sound composition. Singapore, ArtScience Museum, 2017.

Closing Ceremony, (2,2)0- Sonic Architecture of the Inner Space, ArtScience Museum Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, 2017.

Opening Ceremony, (2,2)0 - Sonic Architecture of the Inner Space, Gråmølna Trondheim ArtMuseum, Norway, 2017.