My name is Amalia Fonfara, I am of Danish and German descent. I was born and raised in Greenland and Denmark, and I have lived in Norway since 2010 where I work as a visual artist, and shamanic practitioner.

I have devoted myself to the old spiritual practice of shamanism. I have learned from, among others, Livstræet Studio in Oslo, the Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies and inuit.

On my path in life I was adopted into an ancient lineage of Inuit angakok from the east coast in Kalaallit Nunaat. The old Inuit and the Norron traditions, therefore, have a big place in my heart and in my practice.

My wish as an artist, spiritual practitioner and as a human being is to help enliven and bring awareness to the connection within ourselves and to all life.

Through animistic and shamanic practice I experience how we, in cooperation with Mother Earth, our ancestors and the Spirit world, can heal traumas and wounds we carry, as well as find strength and insight into our lives. So we can experience our deep connection to Mother Earth and the cosmos.

Everything is alive and all Life is connected!

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