Introduction to Shamanism

Grunnkursus i Sjamanistisk Praksis, Mai 2019

DATO: Lørdag d. 25. Mai 10.00-18.00 og Sønsdag d. 26. Mai 10.00-17.00, 

STED: Healingens Hus, Erling Skakkesgate 66, 7012 Trondheim.

Grunnkursus i Sjamanistisk Praksis, Mai 2019

Do you wish to learn about shamanism and shamanic work, or do you feel a need to renew yourself and go deeper into your own practice, then this is perhaps for you!

The course is for those who have little or no experience working shamanically. But the course can also be for those who want to repeat the basics to create a better foundation in your own practice and go deeper. There is always something new to lear and sometimes returning to the basics is very valuable for one's further practice at home.
On the course we will spend extra time and focus on immersing ourselves in basic techniques in shamanic work. We will work with:

-What is shamanism? Ethics around power.
-The Medicin-wheel.
-Drum journeying in the spirit world: the upper, lower and middle world.
-Working with spirits; poweranimals and guides.
-Deepening work focusing on specifically drum journeys and being i nature, listening to Spirit.
- Power places outside.
-The wisdom of the elements.
-Healings work with eg. song.

We will also focus on the contact with guides and power animals in everyday life, confidence in the work, ethics, balance and of course sharing and togetherness in the circle. We listen to each other and learn from each one's wisdom and experiences from the spirit world, as well as our human world.
On the course we will work both inside and outside in nature, so it is therefore important to bring the right clothes in relation to the weather.
You are very welcome to an exciting and renewing course, where we will get in touch, and open up the natural abilities we all have within us, in collaboration with the invisible world.

When registering, please send me an email.
NB: There is a limited number of places on the course.

-Notesbook and pen.
-Liggeunderlag / yoga mat.
- Now to cover your eyes with drums.
-Drum if you have (not required to attend the course.)
-Pack for lunch Saturday and Sunday.

Tea, coffee and snack are served during the break.


If you have any questions about the course, please contact me via mail or facebook.

Looking forward to meeting you and working together in the circle ♥ :)

Warmly welcome!