Sensations of Places


Visual Artist and Shamanic Practitioner

Sensations of Places, 2015-2017.

Sound installation, 2 channel video, sculptures.

Sensations of Places, is a performative and documentary film and installation  which has taken place in the period 2015-2017. It is based on the work of "Grals Circle Trondheim", a group of practicing esoterics living in Norway. For a period of 1,5 years the artist has followed the group documenting their work different places in the North- and South-Trønderlag. The esoteric work is performed by energetic channelization on places that have a special historical context. Among these places are also the Falstad Center and Falstad Forest, which during the Second World War was a prison- and concentration camp in North-Trønderlag. Today the place has been made into a historical museum and research and educational center for human rights.

The project is an ontological and phenomenological investigation into the esoterbe work of "Grals Circle Trondheim". It touches upon the concept of hauntology, defined by philosopher Jacques Derrida in his deconstruction of western conventional and linear thinking. Hauntology refers to the situation of temporal, historical, and ontological disjunction, in which the apparent presence of being is replaced by an absent or delayed non-origin, represented by "the figure of the ghost, as that which is neither present, nor absent, neither dead nor alive."[ 1]

Likewise Sensations of Places propose the possibility of a collapses in the belief of linear time, where the group "Grals Circle Trondheim" through a bodily, mental, emotional and spiritual presence connects to site specific energetic traces, place with memory.

In the sound and video installation we hear sound documentations from discussions among the group, recordings from their work and shorter statements from each, talking about what esoteric work means to them. Even though the groups esoteric work happens in a historical context, their work carry a deep inner state of being. Something that for many people are difficult insisting on in this fragmented and polarized time, where we now more that ever need to question our compassionate relationships to humanity as well as nature.


Grals cirkel Trondheim.

Tone Jørstad; Director Falstad Center from 2006-2016.

Trond Risto Nilssen; professor in historie, NTNU.

Jesper Aagaard Petersen; researcher and assistant professor in science of religion, NTNU.


Sensations of Places, 2017. Perforamnce, film, sculpture. Photo: Amalia Fonfara:

Trailer: Sensations of Places, 2017. Perforamnce, film, sculpture. Photo: Amalia Fonfara:

Sculpture: Sensations of Places, 2017. Casts of healers hands. Installation view, Kunstraum K70.

Sensations of Places, 2017. Sculpture: fired clay, healer A´s Hands, Kunstraum 70, Lübeck, Germany Photo: Amalia Fonfara.

Sensations of Places, 2017. Sculpture: fired clay, healer L´s Hands, Kunstraum 70, Lübeck, Germany Photo: Amalia Fonfara.

Sensations of Places, 2017. Sculpture: fired clay, healer S´s Hands, Kunstraum 70, Lübeck, Germany Photo: Amalia Fonfara.

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